Episcopal Church Women

The Episcopal Church Women, or ECW is a group of elected and appointed officers who share responsibility for maintaining a clear line of communication between the Executive Committee and the parishes.  The purpose of  the board is to encourage and help women take a responsible and creative part in the total life and program of the church.

The ECW help make membership in the church more meaningful:

  • by joyfully witnessing for Christ
  • by encouraging varied ministries
  • by helping to strengthen the life of the congregation
  • by participating in the shaping of policies and programs of the church

The ECW meets every 1st Sunday of the month after service.
All are encouraged and welcomed to attend and share your ideas for church fund raisers and other events.

The Episcopal Church Women's prayer
Almighty GOD, whose love reaches to the world's end; who send you blessed Son to redeem us all.  Help us, we pray, so to reveal your love in prayer and work and stewardship.  That by your Holy Spirit, all nations and people may be baptized into one Body.  Even as all are redeemed by one Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord.