The Founding of St. Cyprian's Church

On Tuesday June 23 1925 Reverend Maxwell j. Williams, priest-in-charge of St Aiden's, obtained the permission of Bishop Stearly to canvas the City of Hackensack in order to ascertain as to the advisability of organizing a congregation of colored Episcopalians. The Canvas was made during the month of July and proved so satisfactory that it was decided to organize a mission

    Several meeting were called and a location committee was appointed. Reverend George Marshall Plaskett, representative of the Board of missions, attended some of these meetings, as well as the Venerable Archdeacon Elmendort, Rector of Christ Church, Hackensack.

    On Sunday afternoon, Sept. 13, 1925 the mission opened its doors for its first service as 5.30. It was named St. Cyprian's Mission by its congregation.

    The members and their committee at once started to work toward the acquisition of a church property of their own, and the priest succeeded in persuading the members of a defunct Presbyterian Mission to present a plot of ground which they owned to the mission. However, this plan fell through as thee Presbytery assumed title for the lots and offered them for sale.

    The lots were purchased on June 1, 1926 for the sum of $1,350 and arrangements were made for the construction of a building. Ground was broken on June 13, 1926 for the erection of the church. On July1, 1926 the cornerstone was laid by Reverend Edwin Lires, Bishop of the Diocese.